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Since the late 70’s, Source Data Products has already helped thousands of businesses. It can be small, medium, or large, no matter what the business size is, they can be their IBM business partner. Aside from that, the company has also helped government offices and organizations, education, as well as their healthcare customers.

So if you are looking for world-class value-based solutions, Source Data Products should be your IBM partner. They are the certified company for IBM hosting, IBM I, iSeries cloud backup, and also the AS400. Recently, they are promoting the new Cloud400 Online Backup. Let us go ahead and learn more about it.

What Is The Cloud400 Online Backup?

Cloud Online Backup is a new technology that can save your backup and has the capability to send it over the internet into a secure data center. For your online backups, the Cloud400 will install a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) in your location. This VTL is like a tape drive. It is a RAID disk system that has a 4 to 20+ TB disk storage. With RAID, you are sure that there will be no failure.

There is a ready data disaster recovery to the cloud and backup system. All of your data files, as well as your applications, will be recovered in case of disaster. This means that when you notify the company of your system outage, the recovery process will start and you are sure that in 6 to 24 hours, your business will be back up and running.

Cloud400 – What Makes It Faster?

Before, the disaster recovery solution is a long process. You have to bring your backup tape to the data center when you need recovery after a disaster. But with Cloud400 Online Backup is the new disaster recovery solution. You will be able to get the recovery infrastructure that you need and the recovery process is very fast. With this new recovery solution, you will be back in business in no time.

Why Choose The Cloud400 Online Backup?

Cloud400 Online is proven to be better than other disaster recovery solutions. It performs better and can restore faster compared to tape. With this, you will have an offsite backup with the Cloud400 data center. This will enable you to recover in 24 hours. Compared to the traditional hot site, or the overnight tape which can take up to 3 days, Cloud400 Online Backup is indeed a better solution.

All About Source Data Products

Source Data Products is known for the outstanding service that they provide. Aside from the Cloud400, they are also known for their IBM Power Systems, their 4-hour IBM I upgrade, and also the Cloud400 DR. Through the years, the company has provided the best service in different industries. This is the reason why until today, they are considered as one of the best IBM Business partners in this industry. So what are you waiting for? If you want to make a change with your backup systems, get in touch with Source Data Products today.

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