They Will Fly Without Their 3 Year Old Son

A couple from Montreal made the painful choice to go on vacation without her 3-year-old son, who was late in development and was unable to speak or feed on his own.

“It’s a very difficult decision,” says Sophie Asselin. But it’s probably wiser. Going into a new environment is very stressful for Charles. “

Her young son is suffering from Angelman’s syndrome, a serious neurodevelopmental disorder. He sleeps very badly, does not speak and can neither chew his food nor drink without help.

“At first I thought I would take him with us, but my partner was too anxious,” says the mother of two children. He was worried about what would happen out there if the stroller was broken or if Charles was the victim of one of his epileptic seizures. “

While his parents and his brother Xavier, aged 5, spent two weeks in Alsace, Charles stayed with his grandparents.

Difficult decision

This will be the first time that Sophie Asselin has so long separated from her son.

This occupational therapist has already experienced the problems that arise when traveling with a multihandicaped child.

“My mother has a cottage not too far from Montreal that we have been to,” she recalls. It’s still complicated. There’s nothing there, so you have to bring some food, except that with Charles’s stroller and all the necessary equipment, there’s no room for anything else in the car.”

Sophie Asselin has also given up visiting her cousin from Quebec City in an apartment on the third floor of a building. The adapted stroller of his boy does not go on the stairs.

“I can not leave her in the hall of the building,” she laments. It costs $ 5,000 and I would be too scared to have it stolen. “


Despite these obstacles, Mrs. Asselin did not definitely give up traveling with her son more modestly than this trip to France.

“Even if Charles can not make memories because of the syndrome he is suffering from, he can still enjoy sensations like water coolness, for example,” says the mother of the family.

As for Charles’s older brother, Xavier, who does not suffer from any disability, his parents always try to explain things to him as simply as possible.

“If he asks us why Charles does not come to France with us, we will tell him that he has gone to his grandparents,” explains the mother. No need to add on his brother’s syndrome and overwhelm him with it. He understands the situation well. “

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