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Identity theft has become the bane of consumers everywhere that pushed the technology targeting to create a safer virtual world for everyone is gaining ground through the years and in terms of biometric identification technology Ipsidy provides an integrated high-speed fingerprint matching solution intended for enhanced security.

Ipsidy introduces IDSearch, its Multi-modal, biometric matching software biometric identification service that will provide you an easy to manage, biometric identity solutions in the palm of your hands.

biometric identification technology

IDSearch is a highly scalable, Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for biometric enrollment, template production, and template management and de-duplication services. It also offers customized biometric algorithms capable of searching multiple biometric samples simultaneously.

Biometric identification applies to different solutions for both company and individuals who seeks enhanced security for their assets, data and other valuable information that is exposed to threats in the virtual world. Research institutions, government sectors, and even universities and schools are well served by advanced biometric identification documents such as ID cards but IDSearch uses fingerprint scanning feature in its service to ensure your security.

IDSearch’s main features are scalable biometric enrollment and matching capabilities, proprietary image processing and tier-1 fingerprint algorithms, robust biometric template generation with information such as minutia position, type,  core, and delta position, multi-modal capability for other biometric modalities, e.g. facial and iris, wide range of biometric backend search modes, including: 1:1, 1:Few, and 1:N, API documentation and developer support for third-party integration, and simple plug and play integration of third-party biometric capture devices.

IDSearch is one of the three main services that Ipsidy offers. The Delaware-based security, biometric identification, identity management and electronic processing services provider also offers IDLok, its single transaction verification, authentication, audit, and authorization service application using the NextGen authentication technology and the IDTransact ideal to connect and manage a mobile ecosystem of trusted agents, merchants, consumers to accept closed-loop cards for transactions whether in-store, online or in an application.

A great number of countries around the world use biometric ID cards and methods for identification of its citizens and it is well recommended to have your own not just for identification but security purposes as well.

Having your own IDSearch is essential considering that many countries like the U.S is leaning towards the technology brought by biometric identification by conceptualizing a national ID card system for identification purposes. Other countries that are taking advantage of biometric identification are Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Malaysia, and France which are all planning to implement national ID card system for its citizens.

IDSearch’s quality was tested and proven already in the United States of America (USA) is it is already used for governmental applications. It also paved way for the successful public elections in Zambia in 2005. IDSearch registered more than 6-million voter fingerprint images and registration records that produced highly accurate AFIS template. Other African nations that have selected IdSearch include Ghana, Swaziland and Guinea.

Since 2007 Ipsidy, in coordination with its partner, Accenture Federal, has provided IDSearch™ to support the issuance of the US Transportation Worker Identification Credential, also known as TWIC, to 4.5 million DHS employees.

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