How To Make A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign?

When someone asks me what it eats in the winter someone who does digital marketing, I start stupidly by saying: “We say digital marketing. Digital is in English! “

I could bother you with defining marketing, then bother you with the definition of digital. Instead, I’ll tell you this:

What is Digital Marketing? It’s all about the experience of a consumer with a business through something that needs electricity to work.

Basically, it’s a lot of business!

Whether it’s an application, a website or a soccer ball with a camera dedan … If it takes electricity, it’s digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not a school of thought like brand marketing or performance marketing .

It is rather a qualitative that will be added to certain types of marketing.

With a definition like that, it is difficult to trace the outline of the profession and list all the possibilities.

Yet this is exactly what I will do today in this blog article: I will popularize digital marketing in 3 models.

If you start with web marketing, tell yourself that you are in the right place!

I will begin by explaining exactly what the marketer is doing. And then I’m going to talk about the 3 elements of any content. Finally, I will explain HOW he is doing to achieve his ends.

What does it mean to eat digital marketing in the winter?

When you reduce it to its simplest recipe, a business is an entity that meets a need with a population.

I’m hungry (problem), here is ice cream (solution)

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