How To Change The Default Apps On Android

Many users prefer the Android system to iOS because there is more that can be done through Android than on iOS, one of them is the power to change the default apps on Android. It’s really important to talk about this because it allows users to choose the program they want according to a specific type of file. Some users of the Android system may know how to change default applications, but for ordinary users this can be confusing. To help them solve this problem, we will provide Android users with a guide and tips to better modify the default apps on Android.

Change the default apps on Android

In general, if you want to change a default application, you must remove each application from the Android setting and then select the new application you prefer to use. This method does not require a parent application or a third-party application. As you will just need to reset the default applications, you just need to go to “parameter” and then type “application”.

Once the list of all applications is displayed, choose and click on the one you will change. Another window will appear, and now press “Delete by default” to desynchronize the application. After that, restart the application you just reset and choose the new application by default by typing “always” on the quick key. This notification always appears after you delete applications by default. Do all this again until you are satisfied with the default application you want.

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