How To Change Marketing In The Digital Age, Data Collection And Analysis

The Internet and digital revolutionize marketing. We still need to understand the ins and outs of these weapons to make these weapons effective in acquiring leads and building customer loyalty. In this rostrum, Velina Coubes gives the keys to this digital age

Tools, methods, strategies, today’s marketing is no longer practiced as before. Let’s remember. Some 15 years ago, in order to attract consumers , companies used the press, TV, radio, flyers, advertising brochures, poster campaigns, direct mail …

A few years later, the Internet provides new channels of communication with the display of banners on websites or even the sending of mails. The time was for mass advertising .

Marketing has entered the digital age and the data.

Then the marketing took its first steps in the collection of the customer data for the purpose of personalizing its communication via targeted newsletters, online loyalty tools through customer space or advertisements pushed to consumers according to their last clicks Or web site visits.

Since then, under the impulse of the digital, this strategy of exploitation of the data continues to grow and the technologies generate new practices . Analytics represent a central axis for managing customer information. According to a Markess study , more than 60% of the marketing decision makers (CMOs), CCOs , or CDOs (Chief Digital Officer) surveyed put analytics among their top three issues . Marketing has therefore entered the digital age and the data.

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