He Loses A Second House In A Forest Fire

FORT MCMURRAY | A man who lost his home in the forest fire that devastated Fort McMurray in Alberta last spring lost a second residence under the same circumstances in British Columbia, CBC News reported.

Jason Schurman, who lives in a trailer in Fort McMurray while waiting to rebuild his home, lost his second home in Hanseville because of the fires that are currently ravaging British Columbia.

In the case of the two houses, only the chimney stays still standing after the passage of the flames.

Schurman said he was shaken by the loss of his second home. “The likelihood of two houses in two provinces being affected by forest fires should be almost nil. It’s impossible to conceive before it happens, “he told CBC.

“It’s a lot to cash in. I would not want it to happen to anyone, “said the disaster, who is employed in Fort McMurr

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