Choosing The Default Applications for Android

One of the highlights of Android smartphones comes from its many customization possibilities. It is very simple you can practically change everything. If you want to play your videos, watch movies, or listen to music with a different application than the default one on your smartphone, that’s fine. Google’s system is extremely flexible and even allows you to choose the application with which you want to open a file type (image, videos, text documents etc.).

Associate an application with a file type

If you are in the habit of regularly switching to an audio player, image editor or video player, you will be very happy to be able to define a default application for your music tracks and multimedia files. When you first open a file type (PDF, movie, text document, song) Android will ask you to choose from the applications available on your smartphone the one you want to use.

Rest assured that this choice is not final. However, changing the association of a file type with an application is more complex than it seems. The application management tool on Android is indeed not very intuitive.

Change the default application for an action

We will now see how to configure a default application to perform a specific task (listen to music, watch a video, read an e-book) on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Choose a default application

Android window: Continue withIt has certainly happened to you by clicking on a file, to see appear on your screen this type of menu (continue with). The Android system asks you to choose the software with which you want to open your file. In the list, you select an application and then validate by clicking the “Always” or “Once only” button.

If you click on the first button, the selected application will now be used by default each time you attempt to open such files. If you click the “Once” button, you will have to repeat the operation and choose an application from the list again.

Edit your choice

For example, let’s say you just chose the VLC software to play your videos. To change this choice, you will need to follow the following procedure.

  • Open the Settings for your Android smartphone or tabletOpen applications in your mobile settings
  • Click the Settings tab and then click the “All” tabList all apps on Android mobile
  • In the application list, select the default application that you want to change. In our example we will click on the VLC icon
  • A window labeled Application Information will open
  • Scroll down to ”  Start by default ” Change the default application for an action in Android
  • Click the Delete Default Actions button

This is how you disable the default application. The next time you open a video, Android will prompt you to specify which application to use for that type of file.

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