Android: Assign Or Remove A Default Application

When purchasing your mobile, some applications will work by default on your androphone (Android system), but you want to change them, use other alternative applications. How to do? It is very simple.

Assign a default application

We will take the example of browsers on the Galaxy S2. If “Internet” (Google’s default browser) is the only one installed on your mobile, it is quite normal for it to launch automatically.

To be able to choose between different browsers you must install one or two browsers, here I chose Opera Mini, Firefox and Dolphin browser.

Know that the system does not impose a browser on you, it detects these challengers, on the contrary it leaves you free choice.

Click on any link for example in the Google page, news . And there the system asks you to choose a browser from those that have been detected to open the page:

If you want to use a default browser,

Delete a default application

You do not want to navigate by default with Opera mini? The default choice should be removed before selecting another. To do this, first go to the “Settings” of the phone and then click on “Application” then “Manage applications”

Then select the application you no longer want to have by default (tab “All”). Here is Opera Mini

Get to the “Information of your application” at the bottom of the page in the “Launch by default”, click “Delete defaults”

This is the default browser for the new Android system that will launch.


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