4 Commonly Ignored Techniques to Gain Instagram Popularity

Have you ever wondered how other Instagram users can gain tens of thousands of followers while you’re stuck with your measly 20? It’s because they’ve been doing techniques that not many social media netizens do. Instagram popularity doesn’t happen overnight (unless you’re already a celebrity, to begin with). So if you’re one of the common folk that wants to enter the triple or quadruple digit category for your follower count, then it should be in your best interest to read on to the rest of this post.

There are a few Instagram techniques that do get overlooked by many. Posting random hashtags simply won’t do in this day and age, and even in the near future. You should learn the tricks of the trade if you want to get more Instagram likes and followers.

Do Hashtag Research 

Once again, if you ever want to gain Instagram fame, then you’d best post the right hashtags to make your post known throughout the entire social media portal. However, it won’t be enough to just use the most popular hashtags at the moment. Instead, your goal should be to use the hashtags with the most relevance and traffic. If you’ve been around the online realm for quite some time, then you’ll know that it does sound a bit like SEO. In fact, there’s a lot of similarities in SEO and in acquiring Instagram popularity. Hashtags are akin to the keywords we use in search engines. Therefore, the more relevant and the more popular your keywords are then the better.

Inspire Instagram 

Those pictures of landscapes with inspiring quotes aren’t just for yourself, but they’re for other people as well. In fact, a lot of people want to share inspirational posts all across the World Wide Web. Use that to your advantage, and make sure that you also use the right and relevant hashtags as well. Still, ensure that you keep as much continuity in your profile as possible. You shouldn’t suddenly post inspirational pictures all the time when your account is primarily centered around your dogs.

Start Giveaways 

It’s safe to say that many people like free stuff. You’ll now see plenty of Instagram users starting giveaways for the purpose of giving back to their followers and increasing their current follower count. How can you do this technique? It’s simple – just post something like this: “I’m giving away (insert item here). To become eligible for my contest, simply like and share this post, and don’t forget to leave a comment.” Yes, it’s going to cost you some (or a lot) of money, but if you really want that Instagram fame, then you might not mind spending a bit of your extra hard-earned cash to dramatically increase your follower count.

Don’t Spam Selfies 

No matter how handsome or beautiful you think you are, people are going to get tired of seeing your face if you post nothing but your selfies. Keep in mind that one of the reasons why Instagram has become so popular that it can effectively compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter is because it provides a closer look at the lives of people. Hence, you can be in touch with their lives, even if you don’t know the individual up close. It’s okay to deviate from your selfies once in a while to show a picture of your pet, your children, your car, or perhaps post an inspirational picture or two from time-to-time. Break continuity sometimes so that your followers won’t get bored of your daily selfies.

As a last note, you can also gain more followers for Instagram popularity by using automated means. You can take advantage of automatic instagram likes services to increase your follower count without too much hassle.

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